All About the Book

My book, Off the Fence - Disability Advocacy, is about what it was like raising my two daughter who have a disabilities. It's also about sharing all the things I've written over the years about them and about my work as a consultant/mentor/advocate during that time.

Book Excerpt

Krystal’s visual impairment pretty much speaks for itself, but I do have one story about her that helps remind people to explain to her about the things around her that she can’t see. People tend to think that if they tell her there’s a tree on the road that she will understand that the tree probably fell there and that trees aren’t supposed to be on roads.

Krystal and her dad watch television together. He watches a lot of vehicle-related shows such as drag racing, farm shows, tractor pulls, and all sorts of stuff like that. She’s been watching those types of shows with him for years. He tells her what’s going on, and we think we’re the master parents of descriptive communication. One day, while watching tractor pulls on RFD, Krystal asks, “Dad, why do people want to pull tractors anyway? Aren’t you supposed to drive them?”

Get it? Tractor pulls. Not people driving tractors trying to pull heavy loads. We need to work more on our descriptive communication skills.